We strive to create meaningful spaces which engage users aesthetically and functionally. Each project begins with a thorough study of the site. We determine how external elements such as topography, culture, and built context will interact with a project, and in turn, how the project will enrich the surrounding environment.

About Us

Egan | Simon Architecture provides architectural and construction management services. Under the leadership of John Egan and Lance Simon, Egan | Simon Architecture has achieved numerous project awards since the firm’s establishment in 1997. Egan | Simon Architecture collaborates with owners and developers on residential, hospitality, institutional, and commercial projects.

Green Resiliency

At Egan | Simon Architecture, we work hard to sustain natural resources and our environment for future use through conscious architectural choices. We incorporate strategies that work with nature, not against it. Not only does this decrease the adverse impact on our planet, but we believe that it also creates architectural spaces and buildings that are more enjoyable and enhance quality of life for the occupants. We are always looking to the future, learning more, and evolving to benefit the environment we live in.