Destination Lake Tahoe is a luxurious resort where guests can go to enjoy the natural landscape and striking views of Lake Tahoe. The Resort encourages guests to explore its premises and embrace environmentally friendly outdoor activities and will offer many opportunities to view a range of wildlife and flora in their natural environments from the Northern Goshawk to the Tahoe Yellow Cress that grows only in the sandy shores of Lake Tahoe.

Architectural Vision

Destination Lake Tahoe retains the essence of the unspoiled beauty of Lake Tahoe in Sierra Nevada, meticulously designed with the utmost reverence for its native environment. Guided by the philosophy of ecological sustainability, our luxury eco resort’s aesthetic embraces a continuous interplay with nature and the mountain habitat of the Lake Tahoe Basin. Every effort has been made to protect and steward this unique environment on the Lake Tahoe Basin, preserving one of Northern California’s most scenic and coveted natural lakes for future generations.


Destination Lake Tahoe’s philosophy is to protect and restore the valuable natural shoreline that defines Lake Tahoe and makes this singular destination one of the most valued natural locations in the world. Destination Lake Tahoe’s mission is to minimize its environmental footprint by integrating transparent eco-friendly practices throughout the resort, including—but not limited to—those that protect open space, improve wildlife habitats, and enhancing local water quality.

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