Exterior Connectivity and the Homeless Crisis

We are all aware of the homeless crisis, the related unacceptable human conditions, and the significant physical and mental health needs of the homeless attaining housing.

Fundamental housing design principles need to be updated to address the benefits of various typologies and design influences associated to exterior gathering and garden spaces; and how these spaces connect to the human experience of the residential development.

Depression, anxiety, and stress are alleviated through the exposure of individuals to the outside world. The exterior provides a secondary experience away from perceived life challenges.

The architectural design of interior space, and the relationship to various typologies of exterior space (private garden to communal gathering) has been my focus spanning multiple years of affordable housing design.

This presentation explores design methods intended to heighten interior spatial experiences gesturing individuals from the interior to the exterior; and the creation of inviting exterior environments.

The discussion includes the use of light, aperture, planar distortion, layering of space, stacking of environments, and cross visual connection between communal and private space as a means to activate the residential community.

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