High Place East
1959 High Place Santa Monica, CA 90404
Symbolizing the city’s long-standing commitment to social and economic diversity, High Place East brings market rate and affordable apartment housing to the Santa Monica area. High Place East, which serves as phase II of the High Place project, provides 44 three-bedroom units to those in need of quality affordable housing. With the goal of building affordable housing in close proximity to mass transit, the urban landfill site is within one-half mile of the Expo Light Rail station.

Architectural Vision

The project is broken into a series of buildings, rather than two large buildings, creating more open and common spaces that highlight and accentuate the aspect of the community. View Corridors allow for natural light to reach further into the depths of the building and allow for natural airflow throughout.


With the goal of minimizing its environmental impact, High Place East incorporates a variety of green elements. Solar Panels were added to power the common areas, LED lighting is used to reduce demand for electricity, and drought-tolerant landscaping and low-flow plumbing are intergraded to minimize water usage.

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