RISE Apartments Wins AIA Award

The RISE provides new homes to 56 previously homeless veterans with intensive health and life skills services. The Greenpoint Rated Gold building also serves as the headquarters for RISE Financial Pathways, a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution providing microloans to underserved residents and small businesses in South Los Angeles.

The design for RISE layers natural sunlight and breezes with open space, shared space and private space to create harmony for the community and connection to the urban fabric of Los Angeles.

Each day, waking in the morning, residents will experience a wash of sunlight throughout the internal courtyard community. As morning light shifts to evening dusk, reflections and shadows move throughout outdoor gathering spaces, and prevailing winds shift from East to West. Solar studies assisted in defining tiered openings in the building envelope, as roof decks positioned for natural light and wind. The movement of the shadows, with defined edges, act as sundials, while screens cast stippled light on walkways.

Gathering spaces vary from larger communal seating to intimate, from group exercise to meditative garden space, and from light to shade, as openings step down from the upper roof to the courtyard.

With ribbon glazing on three sides and bar seating for laptop use, the internal common lounge visually connects the private courtyard and external streetscape of Los Angeles as a means to activate the community.

The RISE provides permanent affordable housing for homeless veterans and assists in the revitalization of South Los Angeles.

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