The Arc
Step Up on Vine

The Arc provides 34 permanent supportive housing units for low income, chronically homeless adults with persistent mental health issues. This building plays a key role in revitalizing the neighborhood, embracing and welcoming the community. The award-winning project achieved LEED Platinum status.

Architectural Vision

Serving as a symbol of reaching out and embracing the community, the iconic Arc reaches across and through the building, tying it to the community. The Arc frames the breathtaking roof terrace, which includes an aeroponic vegetable and herb garden, offering an outdoor respite for its residence.

Within the interior, the community center with a dining hall, commercial kitchen, cafe, and counseling offices are bathed in natural light, enhancing the warmth radiating from the yellow hue of the Arc.


Recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative for “innovative commitment (to combine) sustainability and green practices with providing supportive housing for individuals who are homeless and affected by mental illness”, the Arc was designed with sustainability at the forefront. Green features were incorporated into all parts of the project in order to promote energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor air quality. The use of environmentally friendly finishes and energy-efficient systems in the rehabilitation played a large role in improving the building’s existing energy efficiency by 62%.

The use of a GreenScreen covering the front façade helps to reduce the heat island effect while lessening heat gain by shading the structure, while the shadow boxes provide screening of the apartment units from the morning and afternoon daylight.

The project includes ENERGY STAR Rated appliances and fixtures, high-efficiency variable refrigerant flow systems for heating and cooling, a cool roof, 50 kW roof top solar array, and the use of greywater/irrigation system.

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