Vendome Palms
975 N Vendome St, Los Angeles, CA 90026
The residences located at Sunset and Vendome in the Silverlake Neighborhood front the intensity of urban Los Angeles. Vedome Palms features 20 light housekeeping units and 16 dwelling units and serves as a therapeutic Adult Residential Facility (ARF) to support individuals with dual diagnoses in need of treatment. The project provides a homelike setting for all its residents.

Architectural Vision

Neo-classical beauty and Cubist Arts combine at Vendome Palms. A modernization was conceived for the apartment building associated to the layering of “entry”. The created spatial procession purifies the resident from the street’s urban congestion to define home as calming warmth.

The comparison of the architectural and art movements became a motif tied to the environmental difference between urban rigor and the platitude of the home. 

Approaching the entry alcove, the resident is flanked with fragrant plantings, and the entry to the home is demarked by an artisan entrance gate influenced by sculptor Joseph Hoffman. Following the entry is an open-air foyer void of color and reduced in sound. Proceeding through the foyer, the resident is washed by sounds of water, then turns a corner into a private internal courtyard. Color, xeriscape, and intimate seating create a serenity.

The artisan brick laid facade was restored and embellished with a new front gate, cornice, and window shades inspired by the Vienna Secession movement.


The benefits of past construction and new energy technology were utilized to create an environmentally responsible building system featuring solar hot water heating and solar photo-voltaic panels. Recycled content or sustainable qualities were included in the building finishes.

Vendome Palms used passive air ventilation throughout the building and connected the solar electrical panels to offset the building’s air conditioning and electrical costs. The residential unit air conditioning systems used a Mitsubishi City Multi® heat recovery heat pump system, which allowed for multiple residential unit fan coils to connect to the single rooftop condenser, taking advantage of the heat exchange between the individual units

Awards and Other

National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies (NALHFA) “Multifamily Excellence Winner” (2012)

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